CHRISTY JOHNSON, Master Dance & Romance Instructor

catalystchristy@gmail.com www.catalystchristy.com 760-580-0116

Christy Johnson – Master Dance & Romance Instructor

Christy Johnson, Master Dance & Romance Instructor, has been teaching dance for over 35 years. Christy comes from a family of Vaudeville performers and took dance lessons from her grandmother and aunt from age 3 to 16. Her extensive experience as a dance performer has put her on a great number of theatre stages, TV shows, videos and in nite clubs over the years. These include Dance Captain for the Dirty Dancing Live Video Tour in Boston and First Place in the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers Dance Competition in New York. Since that time she’s taught 10’s of thousands of people to enjoy partner dancing. Her highly developed teaching method, The Partner Dance Pyramid, has proven to make learning fast and easy. Her methods are outlined in her book The Partner Dancer’s Handbook: The Partner Dance Pyramid Explained.
As an extension of creating Dance and Music Performances, Christy started coordinating other types of events from the age of 19. She launched and managed many ongoing events including Block Parties, Art Walks, Farmers Markets, Job Fairs, Dance Camps, Fashion Shows, Drum Circles, Business Seminars, Personal Growth Workshops, Music & Dance Jams, Concerts, Parties, Weddings, Social Clubs and After-School Programs. In 2008, she won the award for Best Manager of her two Farmers Markets from a San Diego Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. Christy strives to create events that bring light minded people together to co-create fun experiences.

As a constant seeker of a greater understanding of herself and life, Christy took the intensive Money & You Training with trainer Kerry Zurier from Accelerated Business Schools in San Diego. She also studied for over a decade with founder Peter Gill of the Cambridge Psychotherapy Institute in Boston and became a Psychotherapist in Private Practice. CPI is the ground-breaking training program of the Society of Natural Science of which Christy is an original member. She also studied Pilates with a student of Romana Kryzanowska, an Elder in the Pilates empire. When teaching dance, Christy uses an holistic approach, including high-performance, spiritual, physical fitness and relationship techniques.

Christy has excellent health and energy, an attractive professional appearance and is an impressive public speaker and MC. She enjoys interior decorating, Feng Shui, gardening, playing percussion, singing and writing. She has edited 3 full-length books: Voices in the Dreamtime by Relationship Expert, Sydney Salt, Sole to Soul: How to Love and Heal by Ariel Talmor, Master Reflexologist and The Twelve Commitments to Life by Author, Rich Guy Miller. Christy is currently raising her two teenage boys while living and teaching her passion for Social Dance in North San Diego County.

“Catalyst” Christy Johnson takes her life motto from the dance world, “Lead, Follow or Enjoy the Show!”

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